Thursday, 29 October 2009

Is Silvio all of our futures or just Gordon Brown's

My friend sent me the above video it shows every one's favourite Italian Primo doing his comedy car crash performance once again. It got me to thinking about old age and the future. See the thing is no matter what the Italliano excuse does his people love him, whether it is prostitution or the odd euro skimmed off the top, why is this, I have an explanation.

How do you the blog viewing public see yourself in old age is it as a dribbling senile old fool sitting in a nursing home eating through a straw and getting the odd slap from your couldnae gie a flying duck care home employee. NO thought not...

The way we all see it is this way, we see ourselves as a care free old duffer who gets away with stuff that you could easily get arrested for if you were not a love able old rogue.
See Silvio is who we all aspire to be, OK he has the back up of an entire country who think he is a card so doing exactly what he does may not be a good idea, but you get the sway of my dapper silken suit lining.

I know an old bloke who drinks in the pub, who gets to kiss every pretty girl that comes in, he dresses like a dandy and on several occasions has appeared in a pub (in Scotland) in a silk cravat, I wish he was my dad so that I could every so often say DAD what are you like you will get us all killed then laugh like a frigging drain.

Gordon Brown as we know is doomed, I have not seen a man with those sad haunted eye(s) since they showed a picture of love able Saddam just after he was caught.

So my tip is this Gordon your last straw is take a leave out of Berlusconi's book. Become a couldnae care mad man, instead of coming into the cabinet meeting and saying guys what did you get up to at the weekend, I for one read a book on Calvinism then worried about the global economy. Have this as your scenario,

Gordon: Hi guys and newly appointed young beautiful ladies, what you get up tae at the weekend nothing that I wouldn't do I hope

Cabinet Member: Mr Prime Minister sir there is a report in the paper stating that you slept with an 18 year old glamour model and snorted cocaine of her body

Gordon: What that is completely liabel, it was 18 year old Siamese twins

Cabinet Team: [Laughing] Gordon you old fool you will get us all killed.

After all I for one would not care too much about foreign policy if I knew the PM was a mad dangerous man who makes entertaining stories, and fun video clips to download, would you?


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