Wednesday, 28 October 2009


So after talking to few friends about blogging. I thought it was time to start my own.

I could name a lot of reasons for this but I suppose the main one is sheer vanity, I have noticed that the tiny box in Facebook does not allow me enough room to vent my spleen and fill it with my considerable ego.
You see the problem is this I find myself entertaining and due to this I believe that the world could also do with hearing some more of my wit.
Go on entertain us then fat boy I hear you all cry, well I will try, but at the moment let me carry on with my onanism manifesto.
I suppose also that as I get older my views darken and fluctuate between Hitler and Chairman Mao, a blog seems to be the ideal way to relax by pouring my oratory bile over the waiting public, who hang on my every word. Please tell us more the sad and lonely say so we all don't think we are mad, and as we get so angry we could burst, over say someone dropping a piece of litter, we can then think to ourselves see it isn't only me.

I also think that it may be useful to try to see how many crazy mudderfunkers there are in the world, and quite frankly the interweb was created so we could shine a torch on a few loonies.

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